Recommended Security and Privacy Tools

Better security and privacy for your devices, online accounts, and cryptocurrency.

I only post gear that I use and love.

Security Gear

Yubikey 5Ci


Two-factor authentication (2FA) is the last line of defense against hackers, and hardware security keys are our preferred method of 2FA.

Yubikey 5Ci features both USB-C and Lightning ports, making it compatible with a wide variety of devices. Whether you use a Mac, PC, iPhone, or Android device, chances are you have a USB-C or Lightning port to plug this into.

The Yubikey is compact and sturdy and can be fit onto a keychain. We recommend looping it with a Tile so you never lose it.


Google Titan Security Key


Google's Titan Security Key is a good alternative to the Yubikey and pairs well with users who have Google's Advanced Protection enabled. It even features a Bluetooth connector and NFC connector.


Small Portable Safe


This portable safe is great for storing and hiding small valuables and papers. It's small enough to be hidden in a small space and carried in your carry-on and features a sturdy build.

It's not meant to help protect items against theft — after all, it is so small that a thief could just pick it up and walk away with it. Instead, use it as an alternative to stuffing valuable papers and items into a folder or drawer, and consider it as a last line of defense against a curious child or nosy housemate.


Security Software



Malwarebytes is a modern and effective anti-malware and anti-virus software for your Mac, PC, and cell phone. It can identify and purge malware on your devices, so you can browse the web in peace. We recommend setting up twice-daily automatic scans so Malwarebytes checks your device for malicious software every morning and night.




1Password is the most essential piece of security software and our strongest recommendation on the list.

It is the king of password managers with an untarnished security record, apps for desktop, mobile, and web, and beautiful and simple design. Use 1Password to save your logins and create new, unique passwords for new online accounts.

1Password will also alert you if one of your accounts has been breached, if you are re-using passwords across accounts, and if a website you use has two-factor authentication available for you to enable.




Not all applications support hardware two-factor authentication keys, and for those cases, we recommend using Authy. Authy safely stores your two-factor codes and presents them to you in a responsive and easy-to-use interface.




iVerify is a tool for monitoring your phone or tablet against vulnerabilities. It will check for everything from basic security measures, like keeping your software up-to-date and using a passcode, all the way to more advanced monitoring of your device's health.

iVerify also has excellent guides on how you can get into the nitty-gritty settings of your devices to ensure that every aspect of it is tuned to maximize your security and privacy.


Phone and Laptop Privacy

Kensington Privacy Screen


Privacy screens are a necessity to anyone who works in public — in a coffeeshop, train, or airplane. Protect the contents of your laptop from any curious or nosy neighbors on your excursions. Browse and work with peace of mind.

The Kensington privacy screen is easily removable (thanks to its use of magnets), is reversible (with one matte side and one glossy side) and is extremely slim, allowing you to shut your laptop screen flat.


Sliding Webcam Cover


Hardware failsafes are the ultimate last-resort protection against viruses and malware. A hacker may be able to exploit software, but as long as you have a webcam cover on, no hacker can see through it.


Data Privacy

Mullvad VPN


Most VPNs are traps—they convince you that you need them to protect your data, but then they log and sell your data to the highest bidder.

Mullvad does not. Mullvad doesn't even require an email address or credit card to sign up—you can pay them in cash or cryptocurrency, and your account is designated by a random ID number. Mozilla even uses Mullvad to power their own Mozilla VPN product. You can learn more about Mullvad's privacy policies here.

Mullvad is our favorite VPN thanks to their favorable privacy policies, ease of use, cross-device applications, and connection speed and stability.


Little Snitch


Firewalls help prevent unwanted incoming connections from coming into your computer.

Little Snitch is a reverse firewall. It monitors outgoing connections, and lets you block the ones that are headed to destinations you don't recognize or don't wish to send your data to.

When we first downloaded Little Snitch, we were shocked at where our data was going. Innocuous apps were sending our data to data brokers, Facebook, Google, ad companies, and many were sending data to servers in countries we didn't want our data stored in. Little Snitch lets you inspect these connections one-by-one and only allow the ones you approve of.




MySudo allows you to easily create "disposable" phone numbers, email addresses, credit cards, and identities. Use them in situations where you don't want to share your real email or phone number: when signing up for useless accounts, selling items on Craigslist, and more.


Micro Snitch


Micro Snitch is a small app-let which monitors your microphone and webcam and notifies you if they are being used by applications you are unaware of. It's another simple utility like Malwarebytes or Little Snitch which provides you with peace of mind as you use your devices.


Crypto Security

Ledger Nano X


Ledger Nano X is our favorite hardware wallet for securing cryptocurrency.

Hardware wallets are great for long-term, secure storage of cryptocurrency. They can't be accessed or hacked remotely, so you know your funds are safe.

The Ledger Nano X is our favorite because it has ample room for many cryptocurrencies and Bluetooth support so it can pair with the Ledger app on your phone.


Ledger Nano S


The Ledger Nano S is the previous generation hardware wallet by Ledger. It's cheaper than the Nano X and is still an excellent device, though it has room for fewer cryptocurrencies and no Bluetooth support.



CleanMyMac X and CleanMyPC


CleanMyMac X and CleanMyPC are excellent utilities for keeping your computer performant, free of cookies, and free of malware. They help monitor for software that invades your privacy or is cluttering your computer.